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About Us

What is Plant Revolution?

Plant Revolution is a new line of synthetic plants that purify the air better than natural plants. We are not saying that synthetic plants are better than natural fresh plants we are just saying that our Plant Revolution line cleans the air better!

  • 100% Pet Safe
  • 100% Maintenance Free
  • Cleans and Purifies the Air
  • Neutralizes Chemicals and VOCs
  • Eliminates Bacteria and Mold
  • Ready Out of the Box

Why Choose Plant Revolution Over Real Plants?

Most people would prefer to have the smell and feel of fresh plants throughout their home but doing so comes with unique challenges.

Plant Revolution
Real Plants
Cleans and Purifies the Air

In fact our plants clean the air 10 times better than the equivalent sized real plant

Nothing beats fresh natural plants if it is feasible in your home
100% Pet Safe
All Our Plants are 100% safe for both cats and dogs…finally!
The vast majority of household plants are poisonous to cats and dogs
Maintenance Free
No watering, sun, soil or mess. Just change the filter every few months
It can be a struggle to maintain plants especially with a hectic lifestyle
Affordable Cost
Our line of plants are more affordable than real plants of the same size
Natural plants are expensive and require constant maintenance